dv207091aThe new guest experience

The secret to success in the hospitality industry has never changed: attract more guests and keep them coming back.

Price, quality, efficiency and extra amenities all make a difference. And so, increasingly, does the quality of your communications system.

Particularly for the seasoned business traveler, how well you handle communications is another way to stand out in the marketplace by delivering an enhanced guest experience.

Ask yourself—are you using your communications system to

• Simplify booking and registration, personalizing service for repeat customers

• Quickly and easily connecting to any member of your staff, anywhere on your premises, to speed guest services

• Provide enhanced communications capabilities, such as meet-me conferencing calls, that are ideally suited for business travelers

Intec works with hospitality groups around the nation to help them use communications to differentiate their properties in today’s expanding, competitive marketplace.

Let us show you what Intec can do for you!

Intec provides access control, video surveillance, A/V systems, WiFi distribution, Office networks, phone systems for the hospitality industry.





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